Stronger Every Month by Cult of Strength

You Need More Than A Good Lifting Program

Even if you’re the hardest working lifter in your gym, doing the best program in the world, your gains will still slow and you’ll go through plateaus.

Some lifters accept these obstacles as their fate, assuming they’ve reached their max potential.  Others figure out how to train smarter.  They don’t randomly flail around, they do the right accessory movements, targeted mobility work and layer in nutrition that supports gains.

Which Accessory, Mobility and Nutrition Protocols Do YOU Need?

Figuring this stuff out is hard.  Are you a back or leg dominant squatter?  How do you know if your ankle mobility is holding back your lifts?  Will targeted glute training help your deadlift or is it just good for physique?  How do you cure grumpy shoulders so you can keep benching?  Should your diet include dedicated bulking and cutting phases?  Do women need to train differently than men?  What changes as you get older?  These are the powerful questions that lead to continued strength gains.

“It’s Like Netflix for Lifting Heavier Shit!”

What you need is a Choose Your Own Adventure option.  Imagine a series of modules all dedicated to lifting heavier shit.  These modules cover the most pressing accessory, mobility and nutrition topics to help lifters like yourself get strong AF.  They’re not generic either.  These modules guide you step-by-step to both figure out what YOU need and then show you exactly how to take action. 

Now what if I told you these modules already exist?  That they’re designed by a coach with over a decade of experience.  That they’re based on the latest scientific research and include references to the studies to prove it.  And maybe best of all, rather than paying hundreds of dollars a month to work with an experienced coach, you can access these modules for less than the cost of a few cups of coffee each month.  

It truly is like Netflix for lifters, binge on what you need now, come back to the rest later.  The only difference is you end up way stronger from these modules, which is why this program is called Stronger Every Month.
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Inside Look at Stronger Every Month

Guess What? Lifters Love It!

Here's some of the feedback I've gotten on the program...

“Knowledge means power and power means Lifting heavier shit :)...I am not gifted with huge muscles, good proportions (too tall) or am a super fast lifter (I am a grinder...). So...intelligence is all I got and improving this in the means of training can help me to get stronger!  And this program has massively improved my lifting intelligence!”

“There is a lot of value in a program like this that highlights common weak points in lifting. My  lifts and physique have both benefited from Stronger Every Month.”

“Having specific, actionable items to work on each month and not feel flooded with so much info I don't know where to start is something I've wanted for a long time.  I finally found it in this program.”

“I am busy with school/work/life and a lot of the topics covered in this program are ones I know I should do more research on and explore but I often find myself limited by time, let alone figuring out how to implement what I learn. Stronger every month packages up everything nicely and even better- gives me a plan of how to add it to my training.”

Some of the Program Modules

How to Fix a Stalled Squat

Many lifters don’t need a new lifting program to make their numbers go up, they need to specifically address their weaknesses.  In the squat lifters are usually either back dominant or leg dominant.  I’ll walk you through exactly how to diagnose which of these camps you fall into, how you should modify your training to balance out your lift, and how to make sure it’s working.  Oh yeah, and you squat will absolutely go up.
Preview Squat Module

Glute Training for Size & Strength

Want to know the best movements for that bah-donk-a-donk?  I'll show you how to do them correctly.  How often to do them.  How to fit them in with your primary training program. Want to grow and / or strengthen your backside, this is the module for you.  Not only will you be able to bounce a quarter off dat ass, your squat and deadlift will probably go up too.
Preview Glute Module

Lose Fat and Getting Stronger

It is absolutely possible to lose fat and building strength at the same time.  I’ll walk you through the exact strategy necessary to make this happen.  It doesn’t require that you adhere to any special diet.  It doesn’t mean you have to eat chicken and broccoli.  There are a handful of underlying principles required.  I’ll walk you through those and shared tips and tricks so you can implement them and stay sane.  I’ll dive into calories and macros, show you how to dial them in for yourself as well as how to get great results without tracking everything in case that sounds like a nightmare to you.
Preview Body Comp Module

Fix Your Ankles & Start Lifting Heavier

Tight ankles are responsible for all sorts of problems and hold back many lifters from putting more weight on their squat.  I'll walk through how to quickly assess your ankles.  Determine if they're overly tight and if you have an imbalance from side to side.  Then show you the most effective movements you can add to your training to open up your ankles and how to measure that it's actually working.
Preview Ankles Module

Protein The Right Way

Who needs to supplement with protein?  Is it possible to take too much?  What do you do if you're lactose intolerant or vegan?  Is it important to take protein directly after your workout?  What about casein before bed?  Does age or gender affect how much protein you need?  There's a lot to optimizing your protein, but after this module you'll get it dialed in.
Preview Protein Module

Keep Your Shoulders Healthy

Grumpy shoulders are a massive problem.  Most lifters don't know which accessory movements are required to maintain healthy shoulders and even if you are cycling in some into your training, you're unsure how many reps, how often or even if you're doing the movement right.  I'll walk through a few of the top movements you can do to make sure you'll be able to keep benching and doing pull ups well into your senior years.
Preview Shoulder Module

Supercharge Your Deadlift

There are 3 key areas where I believe you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck when focusing on your deadlift: improving technique, warming up properly, and using sticking points to diagnose weaknesses to personalize your training.  We dive deeply into each in this module.
Preview Deadlift Module

Healthy Hips for Healthy Gains

A LOT of lifters struggle with tight hips. Which sucks, because this often leads to poor movement, lifting plateaus and possibly injury.  It doesn’t have to be this way though.  The problem is most lifters either: A) don’t know how to open their hips or B) are stretching them the WRONG way.
Preview Hips Module

You're Already Training Hard, Start Training Smart and Get Strong AF

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This shit works.  I know it does.  But, I recognize this is a new program and so I’m asking you to trust me.  In recognition of that, I’m providing a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.  If you’re not happy with what you see, email me and I’ll refund your money.  Super simple.  No special hoops to jump through.  I’m confident you’re going to love this shit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t there already lots of free resources out there?

Yes.  There is a tsunami of information out there actually.  Youtube videos, blog articles, instagram posts, etc., etc..  Stronger Each Month is different though.  This program is curated.  Each month isn’t a firehose of information for you to sort through.  You’re too busy for that.  This is the relevant information you need to make progress.  It’s surgical in its precision.  You don’t need to waste your time wading through the murky waters of the internet and testing hair-brained schemes to see what works.  Leave that to me.  I only report on what works and exactly what you need to do.

I’m a powerlifter / crossfitter / bodybuilder / strongman competitor / weightlifter, is this program for me?

Damn straight.  This program is designed by lifters for lifters.  The recommendation outlined each month are designed to be completed in conjunction with your ongoing training.  If you’re a powerlifter in the middle of a smolov cycle, that’s fine, this works.  If you’re a crossfitter, doing constantly varied, functional fitness - you’ll just do this after that :)

How does this compare to the emails you send out each week?

My regular weekly emails are small potatoes compared to this program.  I highlight important concepts in my weekly emails, but the lessons in this program go much deeper.  They’re comprehensive.  They’re practical.  They walk you through exactly what you need to do.  A massive amount of effort and testing goes into the lesson each month.

How much time will the lessons require?

It’s going to vary from month to month.  But, whenever possible I’ll provide a range of recommendation so those of you that those of you that have a limited amount of time to devote to your training can benefit from the most important pieces, but those of you that really want to go deep can as well.

What if you’re working on a body composition goal like bulking or losing fat, is this program still good for you?

Absolutely.  The recommendations in this program can be used regardless of your body composition goals.  What really matters is you want to get stronger - that’s who this program is for.  If you don’t care about strength, then this is definitely not for you :)

Will this program help with all my lifts?

Most definitely.  The idea is to tackle the issues holding back your strength with all the big lifts.  The initial content outlined above is focused on squatting strength, but that’s just the beginning.  In future months, we'll get into issues affecting your deadlift and bench.

Should the recommendations be tacked on to the end of my regular training?

That’s going to depend on the month.  Some of the recommendations, like working through back / leg dominance in the squat, will require targeted accessory work added to your existing training; other emphases like nutrition or mobility-related topics can be tackled whenever you have time throughout the week.

I love some of the topics, but not all of them.

That’s ok.  Not every topic is going to be drool worthy to every lifter.  But the ones your drool over will be different than the ones other lifters are pumped up about.  The thread connecting all months though, is that they are designed to get you stronger.  Some months the area we tackle will change how you train for years to come and some months you’ll get smaller takeaways.  This is actually by design.  If I blew your mind each month it would be overwhelming and difficult to put everything into practice.  None of the months are a waste though - they are all designed to get you stronger.  Think of it like periodization of information :)

How do you know what my blindspots are if I don’t?

Great question.  Each lifter has their own set of blindspots.  In this program, we're going to focus on those that are most common amongst lifters.  So, the impact you personally get each month will vary, but across an entire year the effect will be big!

Stronger Every Month

It's one small step for your training, one huge leap for your strength. -Neil Armstrong :)