Improve Your Hip Flexibility
August 01, 2020

Tight hips are a problem for most lifters - and it's something you should definitely care about. Wonky hips contribute to poor movement, lifting plateaus, and possibly injury. Because your hips are central to nearly all movement in the body, it's even possible that a lack of hip mobility is driving all sorts of other seemingly unrelated issues like, unstable knees that bow inward or a lower back that regularly collapses into a rounded position as you get to depth in your squat.

There's a strong chance you already know a lot of that and don't need convincing to take better care of your hips. Fine. The trouble is that most lifters just don't know how. They try a few things they see online, make little to no progress, then give up. I don't want that future for you. I want you to move well, squat to full depth easily, stay free of knee and low back pain, and overcome the obstacles instilled by excessive amounts of sitting.

That's what this module is all about.  Now, let's get to work fixing those hips!

Here's a snapshot of the sections included within this module...  Ok, onto Hips Are Complicated, Let's Simplify!
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Dimitrios Kavadas

Where's the course?

Cult of Strength

Hi Dimitrios, you should have received a link to the member area when you signed up. But, this link will take you straight to the hip module. Let me know if you have trouble accessing it.

Dimitrios Kavadas

I did not, so thank you!

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