Glute Training for Size AND Strength
February 26, 2020
If you’re interested in glute training, there’s a good chance that desire is driven by aesthetics. You want to be able to bounce a quarter off dat ass. I get it. And if that’s the case, I got you. But, I also need to inform you that a drool-worthy backside isn’t the only reason to train your glutes. ​Targeted glute work is a game changer for both strength and sports performance too.

Don’t believe me?

Did you know that, on average, sprinter’s glutes are twice the size of everyday, active folks? How about that professional football players regularly train their glutes to enhance jumping, cutting, sprinting abilities? Or that EMG testing has revealed significant glute activation when punching, squatting, pushing, running, lifting vertically... know any of that?

Did you know that in a study where ​collegiate baseball players added hip thrusts to their training​, they ended up squatting nearly 30% more than the control group that didn’t add specific glute training?

Did you know that The Rock, one of the beefiest boys out there, ​regularly posts about his glute training​?

So, whether you want to lift heavier, sprint faster or upgrade that bah-donk-a-donk, glute training is for you.

Aren't Squats & Deadlifts Glute Training?

What’s your glute training strategy? If you’re like the average lifter, your answer is - “I squat.” Cool. Squatting does train the glutes. But, EMG data indicate it’s ​a subpar approach​ for training your money maker. Not only that, but In Bret Contreras’ thesis work he measured ​40% greater glute gains​ over a six week period when comparing hip thrusting to squatting in a set of identical twins.

What about deadlifts? Sure, deads activate the glutes too, but they involve much more hamstring than glute and also don’t fully stretch or push the glutes through their entire range of motion. So again, not ideal for targeted glutes training.

Glute / ham raise? You’d sure think this movement is powerful for glute development based on the name, but alas it isn’t. It is however a bitching hamstring movement - a topic for another day.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying. The squats and deads are VERY useful movements. They activate the glutes to varying degrees. So do step ups, lunges and other common movements used to train your bum. But, if you want to specifically target your glutes, to get the most strength and/or size gains possible, these movements should fall lower on your list of priorities.

If not squats and deadlifts, which movement(s) should be highest priority for your glute training then?

The answer is somewhat complicated because the glutes are involved in a bunch of different movement patterns, like hip extension, hip external rotation, hip abduction and posterior pelvic tilt.

Glute training is further complicated because the upper and lower glutes are composed of different muscle fiber types and respond differently to training.

Oh yeah, and the gluteus maximus isn’t the only glute muscle. There’s also a medius and minimus.

Though all of this can get complicated in a hurry, there are simple principles you can apply to get the most out of your training.

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  • PDF program downloads for both strength/speed focus and size/shape focus to help you put it all in practice!
  • And links to relevant scientific studies to show I'm not making any of this up.

Below is a screenshot from inside the module that shows all the other sections.

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