6 Week Undulating Strength Program by Cult of Strength

Science-Backed, Powerlifter-Proven, Full-Body Strength from Undulating Periodization

How Experienced Lifters Get Stronger

My friend Mel has been in the powerlifting game for quite some time. She’s a beast too, in her last meet she came within 1kg of breaking the national deadlift record for her age and weight class. Basically, she’s my lifting hero.

Now, even though Mel’s numbers are seriously impressive, she’s been struggling to make gains as of late. When you’re a beginner everything comes so easily, your squat might double in a year, but once you become an intermediate or advanced lifter like Mel, those days are long gone.

Anyway, Mel had been looking to increase all of her lifts, but was struggling. She’d make some progress on her squat with a Smolov cycle, but her bench and deadlift would suffer. Then she’d try a more balanced approach like conjugate, but the lack of direction held her back.

When chatting with her recently about her struggles and her numbers I asked if she’d ever tried undulating periodization. There’s some solid science behind its effectiveness and when applied correctly, it can provide some serious full body strength (and muscle) gains. And, as luck would have it, I had recently put together a 6 week, undulating program for a few of my lifters.

Fast forward 6 weeks, Mel not only completed the program, but she also hit new, all-time personal bests on her deadlift, bench AND squat! She put 7 kilos on her 3RM back squat…. 7kg! Remember, these aren’t beginner gains, this is a very experienced (soon to be national record holding) powerlifter adding serious weight to ALL of her lifts. Not too shabby, right?

Well, if all of that sounds compelling to you, I’d like to introduce you to Undulating Strength. It’s the exact training program Mel used to increase her strength and smash her old PRs. So, if you’re looking to increase your upper and lower body strength with a proven approach, this is the program for you.

Purchase the program and get:

  • The 6-week full body strength program in both PDF and XLS formats delivered instantly via email.
  • Four training days every week, each with a different focus: muscle building day, speed day, strength day and an accessory day to fill in your weaknesses.
  • Every movement includes a video link demonstrating how to do it in case we throw some stuff at you that you’ve never seen before.
  • Recommended warm-ups for each training day.
  • Oh yeah and did I mention, by the end you’ll be lifting much heavier shit!
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No specialized equipment required (see equip. list below)

6-week program (4 days / week) based on the latest scientific research.

No more excuses. No more guessing. Start building more strength today.

Research Backed Approach

Study at the University of Florida found undulating periodization lead to nearly 2x the strength gains in experienced lifters.

Real World Results

 I want to give my testimony on your undulating strength program. All my lifts have increased by following your program. I’ve gone from 195×1 in bench press to 215×1, squat has gone from 140×1 to 200×3 and deadlifts has gone from 185×5 to 230×5. I’d like to THANK YOU! Please know I’ve never put the work in ever like I’ve done these past 6 weeks and never been able to lift this much on any of these. I used to hate squats/deadlifts but now can’t see me not doing them. Thanks again
 I feel like I developed in many areas and I liked the variations in training styles. Also – big picture stuff – I know my max has gone up – I did a heavy set at 465 (2 reps w/good form with an assisted 3rd rep – that i probably should have completed!!!) – I will be aiming for healthy triple at 470 (my heaviest completed single) next week.

The Gains Guarantee

I am certain this program will get you stronger. But, I also understand every other coach on the internet says the same thing, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is. If you actually put in the work, do the program as written and don’t get stronger, I insist on giving you 100% of your money back. Here’s why…

I built this program after reading hundreds of papers on the most effective training techniques and followed that up with months refining it based on feedback from lifters doing the program in the real world. It’s the perfect blend of science meets the gym, i.e., IT. FUCKING. WORKS. So, I’m confident you’ll feel the same after you complete the program. But, to remove the risk for you, I’m offering this guarantee.

Buy the program today and I’ll give you 60 days to finish it. If you’re not stronger, shoot me your training log showing you did the program and aren’t stronger and I’ll refund your money.
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No Specialized Equipment Required

6 Week Undulating Strength Program

Start using undulating periodization and start building some serious, full-body strength.