6 Week Power Focused Training Program by Cult of Strength

Lift Heavier. Move Faster. Be Athletic.

Power & Strength Are NOT The Same

In fact, scientists have calculated that elite Olympic weightlifters are likely 3 times more powerful than similarly competitive powerlifters.  3X!!!!

Power isn’t just about the sport of Olympic weightlifting though.  It’s essential for just about every sport.  Power is the combination of strength AND speed.  It’s moving large loads quickly. 

Being POWERFUL and being ATHLETIC are damn near synonymous.

Training for Power is Different than Training for Strength or Speed

Studies have shown that the most important modalities for increasing power are: 
  • Ballistic training 
  • Olympic weightlifting 
  • Bar-speed-focused resistance training 
  • Plyometrics
Most lifters aren’t doing this type of training and even those that are, aren’t doing it in an optimal way.  This means most lifters are missing out on a lot of power.  Are you?

The Cult of Strength Powered Up Program, leverages the latest in scientific research on power training to increase your athleticism using all the most important training modalities and movements – many of which you’re probably not using.

If you care about power.  Scratch that.  If you NEED power.  This is the program for you.  6 weeks.  4 days / week.  Ballistics.  Plyometrics.  Weightlifting.  Bar speed focused training.  Designed for one purpose, getting you powerful AF.
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Purchase the program and get:

  • The 6-week full body power program PDF delivered instantly via email.
  • Four training days every week, each with a different focus: heavy day, contrast training day, plyo + lower body bar speed day and ballistics + upper body bar speed day.
  • Every movement includes a video link demonstrating how to do it in case we throw some stuff at you that you’ve never seen before.
  • Breakdown of the intention behind each training day, so you get the most out of your efforts.
  • Oh yeah and did I mention, by the end you’ll be powerful AF!
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No more excuses. No more guessing. Start building power today

6-week program (4 days / week) based on the latest scientific research.

No specialized equipment required (see equip. list below).

Research Backed Approach

Study at George Mason University found ballistic training lead to over 42% greater power gains than standard strength training.

The Power Guarantee

I am certain this program will make your more powerful. But, I also understand every other coach on the internet says the same thing, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is. If you actually put in the work, do the program as written and don’t power up, I insist on giving you 100% of your money back. Here’s why….

I built this program after reading hundreds of papers on the most effective training techniques and followed that up with months refining it based on feedback from lifters doing the program in the real world. It’s the perfect blend of science meets the gym, i.e., IT. FUCKING. WORKS. So, I’m confident you’ll feel the same after you complete the program. But, to remove the risk for you, I’m offering this guarantee.

Buy the program today and I’ll give you 60 days to finish it. If you’re not more powerful, shoot me your training log showing you did the program and aren’t stronger and I’ll refund your money.
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No Specialized Equipment Required

6 Week Power Focused Training Program

Start using all the latest training techniques to up your power and your athleticism.