12 Week Muscle Building Program by Cult of Strength

Build Full Body Size AND Strength

Lifts, sets, reps, rest, periodization all optimized for max gains based on the latest in exercise science.

How One Scrawny Lifter Got Big

In 2010 I was 145lbs at a height of 6’1”, in other words, I was scrawny AF.  

That year I committed to hitting the gym hard to rectify the situation.  Soon I was grinding hard – lifting 5 to 6 days a week, every week. At the end of that year, what did I have to show for my efforts?  I was stronger. I felt better. I was more athletic. All great things. But, I still weighed 145lbs.


Honestly, I shouldn’t have been that surprised.  I’d tried this before with similar results. But, I was really committed this time.  And it was for a whole damn year.  

What was I doing wrong?  Were my genes to blame?

At this point, I was tempted to give up on my dream of bulking up.  I decided to try one last thing before throwing in the towel though.

Fast forward two years later, I tipped the scale at 185lbs and this 40lbs increase was mostly muscle.

What finally got me moving in the right direction?

Well, instead of randomly doing what I saw other buff dudes doing at the gym, I did what most skinny dudes do best, I hit the books.  Everything from BS muscle mags to scientific studies to biochemistry textbooks. I read it all.

In truth, most of what I learned wasn’t useful, but a small percentage of it was pure gold.  So, I kept what worked and threw out everything else. Soon these incremental improvements began accumulating and I started packing on some serious muscle.

I know a lot of lifters out there are in a similar situation.  They want to put on some muscle, but struggle to do so. If you fall in this camp, know that big results are possible.  And to achieve these results, you can absolutely take the long path I did to arrive at the same place.

Read.  Experiment.  Figure out what worked.  Repeat.  

You can also choose to skip all of that and jump straight to the gains.

If you’re interested in taking the faster path, let me introduce you to my Max Muscle Training Program.  This training program is specifically designed to help intermediate and advanced lifters pack on serious muscle mass, especially those that have struggled to do so in the past.

Purchase the program and get:

  • The 12-week muscle building program delivered instantly via email.
  • Three separate training blocks, each emphasizing different muscle building pathways.
  • A hybrid, four day per week training split that includes some full body days and some days targeting specific muscle groups.
  • Optimized for functional size, meaning you won’t just pack on muscle, you’ll also get a lot stronger.
  • Recommended warm-ups for each training day to properly prime your body for that session.
  • Every movement includes a video link demonstrating it in case I throw some stuff at you that you’ve never seen before.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the program so you don’t get stuck.
  • Not a one and done program. This bad boy is designed to keep you progressing each time you repeat it - making it an excellent value for the price.
  • And don’t forget about ALL THEM GAINS!
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No specialized equipment required (see equip. list below)

No more excuses. No more guessing. Start building muscle today.

12-week program (4 days / week) based on the latest scientific research.

Let Science Guide Your Training

  • 12-week program with 4 training days each week includes three mesocycles optimized to deliver maximal muscle growth.
  • Sets, reps, movements, training volume, etc. are all based on the latest and greatest scientific research.
  • YouTube videos are included for all movements in case you’re unsure of how to do any of them.
  • Instructional video walkthrough of the program included that shows you exactly how to use the template.
  • Detailed FAQ included in spreadsheet, answering all the most common questions.

Real World Results

The base cycle was more challenging than I expected but I really enjoyed it. I am on the first week of the metabolic cycle now and it is also a lot more difficult than I expected
Derek Solomon
Wow those 1 1/4 squats are so difficult.  Very humbling… 
Victor Castaneda
I didn’t expect to have added that much to my lifts in the strength cycle.  This is a potent template!

The Gains Guarantee

I am certain this program will get you bigger AND stronger. But, I also understand every other coach on the internet says the same thing, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is. If you actually put in the work, do the program as written and aren’t happy with the results, I insist on giving you 100% of your money back. Here’s why….

I built this program after reading hundreds of papers on the most effective training techniques and followed that up with months refining it based on feedback from lifters doing the program in the real world. It’s the perfect blend of science meets the gym, i.e., IT. FUCKING. WORKS. So, I’m confident you’ll feel the same after you complete the program. But, to remove the risk for you, I’m offering this guarantee.

Buy the program today and I’ll give you 90 days to finish it. If you’re not bigger and stronger, shoot me your training log showing you did the program and I’ll refund your money.
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No Specialized Equipment Required

12 Week Muscle Building Program

There is a right and a wrong way train to build muscle.  I wasted many years making little to no progress. Take this opportunity to skip all that and start bulking up now.